Our prices are crystal-clear because we believe quality & precision should be compensated accordingly.

We only take on a few projects per-year.

We don’t charge by time; but per song.
We want to spend all the time we need for that song to be perfect, without looking at our watches.

We do not rent our studio on a daily basis.

Quality comes first, always.


It depends on the number of players and instruments, but here’s an ballpark average pricing.

Single Song:
From abroad: USD 250
Argentinian Musicians: $AR 30.000

10 Songs album:
From abroad: USD 2.500
Argentinian Musicians: $AR 250.000

Backing Band – Price per sessionist musician:
From abroad: USD 80 per song
Argentinian Musicians: $AR 15.000 per song

Mixing & Mastering

Single Song – Mixing & Mastering:
From abroad: USD 100 per song
Argentinian Musicians: $AR 18.000 per song

10 Songs album:
From abroad: USD 900
Argentinian Musicians: $AR 140.000

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