Our prices are crystal-clear because we believe quality & precision should be compensated accordingly.

We only take on a few projects per-year.

We don’t charge by time; but per song.
We want to spend all the time we need for that song to be perfect, without looking at our watches.

We do not rent our studio on a daily basis.

Quality comes first, always.


It depends on the number of players and instruments, but here’s an ballpark average pricing.

Single Song:
From abroad: USD 300
Argentinian Musicians: $AR 15.000

10 Songs album:
From abroad: USD 2.500
Argentinian Musicians: $AR 120.000

Backing Band – Price per sessionist musician:
From abroad: USD 120 per song
Argentinian Musicians: $AR 8.000 per song

Mixing & Mastering

Sidenote: we always master the songs we mix. As Mad Professor once told me: “Mastering is in the mix”.
Single Song – Mixing & Mastering:
From abroad: USD 130 per song
Argentinian Musicians: $AR 12.000 per song

10 Songs album:
From abroad: USD 1.200
Argentinian Musicians: $AR 100.000

From Buenos Aires To The Whole World!

From one of the coolest and most cosmopolitan cities in the world, where we have more libraries per citizen than nowhere else, or where arts, theatre and music live every single day.

We know about reggae. We know about music.

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