The past, the present & the future get together to produce just good music

Top-notch Hardware & Software for a perfect mix between vintage & modern hybrid sound.

We have invested in top notch technology that has allowed us to always have a great sound.

Full Analog Console: AUDIENT HE24CH, with upt o 32CH INS and 24 OUTS, with a digital module for DAW control.

UAD INTERFASES with 50+ of the most renowned hardware emulations from Universal Audio: such as Neve, SSL, API, Chandler, Manley, Lexicon Reverbs, Vintage Classic Delays, SPL, and more.

A first level Microphone Set with brands like NEUMANN, AKG, AUDIX, SENNHEISER, SHURE, WARM AUDIO & SLATE. Each mic has been purchased thinking about its best use, which allows us to achieve the orignal sound that everyone looks for when facing a project.

Hardware compressors type FET, VCA and OPTICAL, from brands such as RUPERT NEVE, AVALON, DBX & BLACK LION, and classics original plugins from UAD, WAVES, SLATE & Plugin Alliance.

Also, our mastering chain adds a great flavor to our Analog Sound: a CHANDLER CURVE BENDER MASTERING EQ, an ELYSIA XPRESSO & ELYSIA NVELOP, and a 2 CHANNELS TAPE RECORDER MACHINE.

Finally, our list of classic instruments is always expanding: a FENDER Stratocaster and Telecaster Guitars, GIBSON Les Paul, GRETSCH Countryman, and YAMAHA Acoustic;  FENDER Precision and STEINBERGER Basses; LUDWIG Element 7-body SIMMONS SDS9 and a classic ROLAND TD 10 drums, plus a ROLAND Octapad; Infinite Guitar rigs through a KEMPER PROFILER; and a bunch of synthesizers and pianos, such as NORD, YAMAHA and KORG.

“…and if we don’t have it, we can get it, because we prioritize the sound we are looking for; the one that will make a difference between something good and something wow!”